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Removing bsa forks

removing bsa forks This is a very good addition to the lubrication system of the BSA twins using a magnet to attract microscopic ferrous particles that otherwise circulate in the oil causing wear. Suitable for BSA A65 1971 Oil in Frame & Triumph TR6 Trophy / T120 Bonneville 1971-72 Evening gents Been working on the rotter today, and the forks have me a bit baffled. 4" All length shocks have the ramp type pre-load adjustment as per original Girlings. za Steering Damper Knob and Rod Assemblies More to come Shortly!Also see Steering Head Race Sets Part # Description Photo(Click To Enlarge) 67-5021A Complete Steering Damper Assembly Set BSA A7/A10/B31/B33 97-3602X Complete Steering Damper Assembly Set Triumph X75 Hurricane See Badge Page for Available Badges 97-3602R Complete Steering Damper Assembly Set BSA Rocket 3 MK1 97-3602T He traded it for a 250cc BSA — but not before the Triumph had twice pitched him off! Continue Reading Whatever the style, all girder forks have pivot points and/or sliders that need to be kept well greased. Undo the two bolts the hold the Fork Shrouds to the Bottom Yoke Assembly. 25″ x 19″ front wheel with single sided 8″ drum brake and a rear wheel size of 3. Older units have stems secured with locknuts that require a wrench to adjust the height of the handlebars. The price is between £200 and £250, and the work includes new knurled washers, friction discs, and pretty much everything that wears and looks tatty. Supplied in highly polished chrome plating. BSA A10 Fork Sliders. With the bike suitably supported, remove the front wheel and the front fender. Generally, the front fork is spread by pulling the blades apart from one another. Prestwood Bucks. The upper end of each fork tube is choked down and fits hard up inside the upper triple clamp. 15-5246: BSA Fork-Spring bottom Sleeve Washer Genuine NOS fits 1935-44 M20/M21 Girder Fork Models BSA Part No. S. The best trick I was able to use for their removal was brute force. Remove front tire. Will look like the scratch isn’t filled in, as glue will be clear, but I ran a fork like this for years. THEN turn the fork upside down and drain the fork oil into the drain pan by slowly pumping the fork tube and slider at least ten times being aware that the damper valve, if it has one, may fall out of the inverted fork tube while you are Well, the fork has now been separated. Fits Triumph and BSA 650 twins (Bonneville, T120R, Tiger, A65, etc) from 1971-1972 only. 77 BSA Decal peel and stick B44 41-8051 gas tank decals 7" x 2-1/4" $23. Triumph mode… Some Roadholder fork Part. How to dismantle and reassemble rear spring boxes. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total ratings 1, £125. Then, trace the original wiring until you locate the connector in your motorcycle. The BSA A65 Oil Pump Journal One of the leading features that the BSA unit twin has over the Triumph twin is it's robust rotary oil pump. There is a manual in the technical section of this site that explains the fork overhaul procedure. FREE Shipping by Amazon. OEM: 61-3005 Fork Seal Holder ‘C’ Spanner - BSA Norton and Triumph Fork Seal Holder Removal & Refitting Tool. co. It has also been drilled and tapped to accept the 5/16" all-thread. C15. To speed things up, we ended up making a crude device out of scrap metal; essentially a G clamp with a fork to compress the valve spring in the valve chest. 00GBP inc post UK, £51. My Newly Aquired 1958 BSA C15 Motorcycle. BSA sump plate kit comprising a cast & machined aluminium housing, a magnetic sump plug, St. These type of bushings will fit fine on the stanchions, but they have a to small OD (About 36 mm), to fit the sliders Valve grinding – Valve guides, removal FRONT FORKS and replacement 11 Adjustment 28 Piston and Rings – Checking ring gap – Dismantling – fitting new spring – re-assembly 29 removing engine from frame 12 Removing Magdyno pinion 13 GEARBOX Oil pump, removal and dismantling – Removal – dismantling 23 When the fork leg is compressed the lower member rises, forcing the oil upwards around the top of the restrictor rod. I only have one BCD fork top so to match, another will have to be made. Disconnect the mudguard stay at the lower end of the fork leg, and unscrew the stud. WE ALSO STOCK UK MADE VERSIONS OF THESE Remove your BSA fork seal holders the correct way using this factory style spanner service tool. All the services you will need for restoring the BSA A7 & A10 models from 1950 to 1962 including the Road Rocket, Super Rocket, Rocket Goldstar and Spitfire scrambler. Page 34 REMOVAL AND DISMANTLING OF FRONT FORKS AND STEERING HEAD There is no necessity to disturb the electrical system opposite end of the head lug, and the extractor and as a whole, when removing the forks. Triumph mode… Some Roadholder fork Part. Just remove the front wheel and undo the pinch bolts to release the stanchion tubes. I recently finished rebuilding and restoring my original 1968 Triumph TR6R that I purchased locally. I used a 67 BSA 650 single side front brake drum for some thrills when braking hard. Suitable for Norton Dominator Models, Triumph models years 1964-70 & BSA models years 1969-70, Part Nos. 77 Triumph Bonneville Decal 750 Black/Silver embossed side cover 60-7054 UK Made $14. The stanchions (fork tubes) and damper rod bits are thing you need to find & sort out. The ends of the fork legs were flattened to take the front axle nuts, with a 4. This slide hammer makes pulling the auto advance on your Triumph, BSA or Norton a breeze. The selector forks supplied are as follows: 1: 1st/3rdFork (marked ‘1 3’) 2: 2nd/4thFork (marked ‘2 4’) 3: Top Fork (marked ‘T’) D. At Fork-N-Road Deer Processing we create savory fresh meat services, smoked meats, and other The books and manuals seem to be the most valuable in restoring this bike and there are many things which were not explained or missing from each . Set up a chessboard with the white king on e1, the white rooks on a1 and h1, and the black king on e5. ! only. I live in Table View ian storer 0727277382, ians@isat. I find it helps to tap the threaded section gently all round first. It is held together by the swinging arm fork spindle (42-4362) running through the center of the swing arm. There are two clamping plates that secure the forks to the bike; these are known as triple trees. 75 x 19 inch tyres were used front and Triumph T120 T140 Fork Oil Seal Holder Removal & Refit Tool 61-6017, 60-0527, 61-6060 Triumph BSA and Norton Fork Seal Holder Removal & Refitting Tool. Since BSA forks are tapered to fit inside the fork yokes, their removal can be quite difficult. 55 New. Tie down rear end so front end props up. 1. CLASSIC Drain the gas, if any. A diagram of this can be found on page 57 of the Haynes manual. BSA Fork Stanchions Ideal for M20 M21 89-5061. Identify where it mounts on the frame and how it is fastened (nuts, bolts, screws, etc). Check your parts book to ensure the best fitment. Parts are genuine unless stated reproduction. 99 Add To cart The only way to remove those chrome seal holders unless you're a monkey-wrenching, knuckle-dragging mouth-breather. BSA A10 & A65 Front Fork Bush Set Set. Made up from NEW Parts, lots genuine New Old Stock. It's that spring that you've got to compress if you want to remove the collets. The B50MX was produced by BSA between 1971 and 1973, principally, for off-road competition use although with limited success. Be sure to remove all dirt from the fork stanchions and around the seals, especially between the stanchions and fork arch at the front of the fork. Remove left hand footrest. This can be done with a hub axle, placing axle nuts in between the fork blades. Kickstarter spring. "I offer a fixed price for re-bushing and re-spindling the more common types of girder forks, such as BSA M20/M21, Norton and Velocette Webb types. Plus many other vintage bikes. With the fork compressed fully and the spring out of the fork tube, pour Kal Gard 10W fork oil in until it is six inches from the top of the fork tube. It was a long project but it's now back on the road where it belongs. 5) Remove black plastic cap on top of air valve. Up to 1968 BSA used almost entirely cycle threads, and this has to be retained if the bolt screws into the frame etc. Help !! im trying to change the stantions and springs on a 64 D7. 4) Remove circlip which holds fork seal down. There are a couple ways to remove your fork seal holders but there is only 1 correct way using this tool! Made in England to replace part number 61-3005. 61-6017, 60-0527, 61-6060 Wave goodbye to using the hammer & screwdriver. 77 Yes the forks should just come out. Simple thread into your auto advance, give a nice thwack with the slide hammer and your auto advance pops right off the taper. You’re supposed to put 20cc in the top of the left-hand leg so it coats the spring itself and leaves enough left to lube the bushings, which The BSA Bantam is a two-stroke unit construction motorcycle that was produced by the Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA) from 1948 (as a 125 cc) until 1971 (as a 175 cc). FOR PAIRS OF THESE NUTS OR OUR STAINLESS STEEL VERSION CLICK HERE. 24-5237: NOS 75,00 € used 60,00 € 18,00 € 30,00 € 6,00 € BSA Fork Damper Rod BSA Fork Stanchions for Bantam D7 D14, D10, 1958-1967. Be sure not to remove the cam gear. Unsold B50MX’s were later re-badged in 1974 as Triumph TR5MX Avengers after the demise of the BSA Group. View online or download Bsa M20 Maintenance Manual And Instruction Book Prise out the cap on the top of the fork leg by means of the small hole provided for the purpose, and with the aid of a tubular spanner unscrew the small nut thus exposed. 12 inch dia. Perfect to loosen off the seal holders on BSA and Triumph forks Made in England OEM: 61-6017 Removing the forks is straightforward. Buy the special BSA tool (part # 61-3005) to remove the chromed fork oil seal holders. How to remove the front forks from BSA A65 1968. 9" and 13. of the upper shrouds is 60MM x 125MM long. Newer bikes have a threadless stem for easy height adjustment. 77 We stock sprockets, brake drums, bearings, rods, shoes, chains, etc for most classic British motorcycles for the A7, A10, A50, A65, B25, B50 and more. Hover over the motorcycles tab to view galleries of our latest motorcycle restorations! Bantam standard forks D7 D10 etc: 1 inch dia. Page 68: Rebuilding The Fork Legs D14/4 FRONT FORKS Remove the large top cap nuts and screw service tool No. Since the old fork gaiters are useless, just cut them off with a sharp knife, taking care not to scratch the chrome or cut yourself. Good result on reassembly though as the clunk has now gone from the front end. /St. Although many folks do not like the engine design of the BSA A50 & the BSA A65, you still have to give BSA some props for designing and using a pump that works, and works very well when rebuilt properly and well maintained. WILL FIT 1968-70 T120, T120R BONNEVILLE, TR6, TR6R, TR6C, TIGER, TROPHY, T150 TRIDENT AND 1968-74 T100, 100C DAYTONA, TROPHY AND TIGER MODELS AND ALSO MANY TRIUMPH, BSA SINGLES AS WELL AS LATE 150 AND A65 BSA TWINS. 8MILELAKE Motorcycle Fork Oil Seal Driver Tool 49mm 50mm Compatible for Suzuki DRZ 400. Tighten this nut until there is no play in the bearings, but the triple tree still moves freely. Short Roadholder forks were pre- Featherbed; for example, Norton fitted them on the Nomad. bsa a7 a10 a50 a65 b31 b33 c10 c11 m20 chrome fork seal holders pair 29-5310 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - BSA A7 A10 A50 A65 B31 B33 C10 C11 M20 CHROME FORK SEAL HOLDERS PAIR 29-5310 fork springs for BSA A10 and Gold Stars Multio-rate fork springs suitable for BSA A10 and Gold Stars are now available. Next, remove top two fork bolts and loosen the four bolts that clamp the forks down on the upper and lower triple trees. instrument panel on the back of the headlamp is If the balance cups and cones are pitted, to even a Rebuild your BSA forks using my high quality parts which include bronze fork bushings, fork seals, fork tubes, rubber gaiters, mounting clips, fork seal holders, steering bearings, fork pullers, tools and more. The first stage of polishing (after cleaning) is to remove any deep scratches or marks on a case. Easy huh? It will look like To replace a seal you must first drain the fork fluid, if possible, and then remove the front wheel, fender, fork brace (if there is one), and, if the brakes are hydralic, the brake calipers. Drain gearbox of oil. The baffles can be removed from the exhaust silencer in some examples, but they can be cleaned "in position" with a Caustic Soda solution by removing the silencer and sealing one end. You need to take precautions such as wearing Person Protective Equipment e. First, remove the fork drain screws and drain the old oil. 00 Removing the sludge trap As most A10 enthusiasts know, cleaning of the sludge trap is a must when rebuilding the engine to assure that oil can flow freely through the engine. THEN remove the fork spring from the fork tube and remove the fork assembly from the fork tube holder. The mechanical components benefited from minor revisions, but the appearance of the model was considerably altered, losing the "heavy" styling of the earlier machines and adopting a style which reflected the twin cylinder Triumphs of the period. BTW, BSA unit twin fork springs will drop right into a unit single seal holder with that type of forks. Suitable for A7 A10 A50 A65 B31 B32 B33 B34 B40 B44 M20 M21 models. Remove the filling plug at the too of the leg (A, X2) and then slacken off the pinch bolt on the bottom voke Insert a screwed plug, B. Like all my BSA's I will be fitting 12v electronic ignition. BSA Bantam D7, D5, and B175 Restoration, with Photos, Videos and a daily motorcycling Blog. I have done a few fork swaps sbefre and takes time to make steering bearing spacers,cut down the steering neck to fit and TIG weld it. The most fiddly part of the re-assembly was replacing the front forks. UK Length: Approx 3-1/4 inches Part No. Conical bearing for SOME of the girder fork front wheels and rears. A: In addition to pulling the plugs and letting the oil drain, it’s helpful to pump the forks to get even more oil out. The fork springs actually screwed onto the legs and were held in place by top nuts. I'll start by saying I'm no expert in either electrics or mechanics. A wide range is available to suit most BSA, Norton,Triumph & Ariels etc. Actually riding the BSA after my little Honda was a major disappointment. A British manufacturer established in 1861, BSA was at one time the world's largest motorcycle producer before going defunct in 1972. Here's a tip: wrap the chain around the sprocket and clamp it in a vice (or mole wrench) to enable the nut to be undone! Next remove the final drive oil seal assembly. bearing, BSA pre 71 : 222-613222 BSA Plunger Frame Suspension Tool: 222-613256 Pullers, BSA master set : 222-613503 Tool, shock spring installation, BSA type: 222-613585 Jaws, oilpump gear puller, C15/B40: 222-613606/A Tool, bottom nut, forks, pre 71 type A deeply-valanced front mudguard was attached to the top section of the forks, meaning that the wheel moved independently. I bought a set of new bearings from an advertiser in Old Bike Mart. Triumph T120 T140 Fork Oil Seal Holder Removal & Refit Tool 61-6017, 60-0527, 61-6060 Triumph BSA and Norton Fork Seal Holder Removal & Refitting Tool. 61—3350, Into the thread at the The easiest way to make adjustments is by removing your fork and adding or subtracting oil through the air-bleed hole. 1969 BSA A65 forks. Remove the chrome bolts (these are also the fork oil caps) securing the tubes to the upper triple clamp. I pretty much had only to look at the Honda and it would start, while I sweated away trying to kick the BSA into life. From 1971-73 the A65 and A75 used the conical hub forks, similar to Triumph. We offer a quality & professional engine reconditioning service for the BSA Pre Unit engines. 77 Recommended Oil Level vinyl decal Triumph BSA gold letters motorcycle Out of stock Remove the Allen bolts that are clamping the fork tubes into the yokes. NORBSA02 at aol. Unbolt the mudguard and remove it. Better-equipped bike shops have jigs to align fork blades. Well, the day has finally arrived, My Son's friend had an old BSA 650 Lightning in the Barn they were taking down. How to undo the fork leg from BSA A65 1968. Service Tool No. Where a nut and bolt is required BSF fasteners give a cheaper & stronger solution, the spanner size is the same.   If you Today’s Tech Tip post we will dive into showing you how to remove and install new Triumph handlebar p-clamp bushings (97-1527). 00 BSA Royal Star 500 Vintage motorcycle decal vintage Birmingham small arms cycles $10. Anyway, back to your original post; I bought a tool to remove the seal holders (about 15GPB) and it is great. gauze strainer, gaskets & St. Apply liberal doses of a product called PB B'laster which you can get at almost any auto parts store (do not use WD-40 or anything else, B'laster is the best for this kind of thing). The original tappets cannot be used . 97-3907 Complete for leg assembly (shuttle Valve type) commonly used on Read more » Remove the : 1. For this job,I did not find it necessary to disturb the two shafts (stanchions), so leave the large chrome nut well alone. BSA A65 A75 Fork Oil Seal Holder Removal & Refitting Tool L 61-6017 Fork Oil Seal Holder Fitting & Removal Tool. BSA Royal Star 500 Vintage varnish decal NOS flags $11. 4", 12. Type 2-5-6 BSA and Triumph 34. Then flip the fork over (with attached bike, if present) and pour 10cc of 5wt fork oil into the right-hand leg. 1962 BSA 500 CATALINA SCRAMBLER . It’s true, you can run your fork into the ground over a few years and just buy a new one for the same cost as maintaining it but you have to ride a trashed fork the Fork Seal Holder Remover Tool - 61-6017 Universal fork seal removal tool with threaded holes. Many parts are interchangeable. Suitable for Various BSA Models; BSA C15 Trials/Scrambles (Heavy Weight Forks) 1960-66; BSA C10/C11 (Heavy Weight Forks) 1949-52; BSA B31/B32/B33/B34 1949-59; BSA A7/A10 1949-58; BSA B40/SS90 1961-67; BSA M20/M21/M33 1949-BSA A50/A65 1962-67; BSA DB32/DBD34 Goldstar . The fork tube is thinner walled in the last section where the bushings lie. Made In England. Remove the 32 mm nut and washer that hold the upper triple tree to the steering stem, and then pull the upper triple tree and off the stem and fork. The steering head bearing cups are removed using a BSA extractor tool. Removing the forks from the fork yokes. The tension of the spring will help to push the forks down and out. This is a special page, solely listing spares for BSA WM20. Easy peasy. 08. CLASSIC MOTOCROSS IRON: 1962 BSA 500 CATALINA SCRAMBLER . Remove the front wheel, axle, fender, brake cables etc, unscrew the large fork tube nuts atop the top yoke and then loosen the pinch bolts on the lower yoke and then pull and twist each fork tube out. The depth of oil should be approxi­mately seven and seven-eighth inches (quarter pint), or nine and one-sixteenth inches (three-eighths pints). The thick end goes downwards – to cover the bleed holes in the stanchion when the sleeve is in the lowest position. Disconnect the connector by separating the ignition from its wiring harness. I also only have one 4 stud bottom clamp that was on these forks. BSA Restoration front forks and who knows, maybe I get to removing the clutch too. Every fortnight or so I would have to reset all the sidecar mounts and chains and sprockets didn’t last too long either. The cam is ground and timed as a one-piece assembly. The telescopic forks that BSA used on all (except Bantam of course) its models from 1947-1968 are basically the same. I had to break it. BSA was also involved in the automotive industry (dating back to 1907) and at one point owned the Daimler Company until 1960 when all automotive aspects of the company were sold to Jaguar Cars Ltd. 1957 Triumph Tiger T110 For Sale, £6,000 My Triumph Tiger T110, first registered in May 1957 in the UK and owned by me since 2017 is now up f Motorcycles. This great tool is handy for any BSA enthusiasts rebuilding or servicing telescopic forks and will fit the following models A7, A10, A50, A65. ive removed the forks and unscrewed the cups off the fork legs as per Haynes manual D7 Stantion Removal - BSA_Bantam_Club BSA_Bantam_Club UK MADE SPECIAL WORKSHOP SERVICE AND REPAIR TOOLS FOR BSA BRITISH MANUFACTURED MOTORCYCLES. Fork Bush & Seal Set - BSA A, B C Models c1949-67 Excl. Then, undo the two mudguard bracket nuts on each fork drain plug. /St. Screws into the top of fork stanchions and then pulls the stanchion up through the yokes With 5 different ends for the following british motorcycle front forks 1-1/8" x 20tpi norton 1-3/16" x 20tpi triumph/bsa conical 1-1/16" x 20tpi bsa 1- And I stand 100% behind my statement that, in general, using fork oil viscosity as a suspension tuning method for cartridge forks is generally not recommended. We will go over tools, parts and tips. BSA Service Chart C15 covering Front Fork and Wheels. Once you’ve emptied the forks as much as possible, you do indeed just pour the oil in the top. And, if you don't have damper rods (B40's shouldn't), Paul Goff in the UK sells the Dow damper rods intended for pre unit heavyweight forks that will work in your forks. Bearing measures 7/32″ suited for Triumph twins oil pumps (T90, T100, T120, T140, etc) from 1963 and on. ideally your best widening the back hub, the standard ones have a tendancy to twist on the spokes as the centers are so close together. Lift the seal holder up out of the way and by using small screwdrivers or a pointed tool prise the circlip out. 95 New. 2. ). com> - Paul Goff - 62 Clare Rd. You may find it easier to remove the shock if you take off any preload on the spring by turning the spring adjuster anti-clockwise until it is putting no pressure on the spring. Search Catalogue for more information. C15 motorcycle pdf manual download. If the end gap is . Anyway, I have just acquired most of a 1967 B44 roadster and the front forks need rebuilding; is there a post, link or other connection to a pictoral or step by step strip down? Fork rebuild is one thing I have never had to do in all my biking years. They are the same length and the same threads for the chrome oil seal holders. DO YOU OWN A PRE-1969 BSA MOTORCYCLE WITH TELESCOPIC FORKS? YOU NEED THIS TOOL! REMOVE AND REFIT YOUR CHROME FORK SEAL HOLDERS QUICKLY, EASILY AND PROFESSIONALLY WITH THIS TOP QUALITY TOOL. Pre and post war Norton, AJS, Matchless AMC singles and twins. Also for: C15t, C15s, C15 ss80, B40, B40ss90. Fork bushes and wheel bearings were frequently needed so I had a spare set of forks and a rear wheel that I would rebuild ready for when they would be needed. The socket is a 1-1/2" deep socket from auto zone that's just used as a spacer to allow the dummy top nut to be drawn through. BSA acquired Triumph Motorcycles in 1951 and in 1956 Edward Turner, Triumph’s chief design architect, had become Chief Executive of the BSA Automotive Group. Push dust seal up fork leg. Two BSA C-15 radius-type tappets (BSA Part Number 40-392) must be used with this cam. BSA Competition Department (BCD) Magnesium alloy forks have been rebuilt with new stanchions, seals and outer dust covers. Take a wire or rope or the like and tie the caliper (s) up so it (they) are not hanging from the brake line. It will fit ALL BSA fork seal holders until 1968, to my knowledge, the type without drillings for the pin spanner that came later. Front Fork Assembly Complete. This sits in the fork and lubricates the interface between stanchion tube and fork leg. Your Bonneville probably has a centerstand that will make things easier. Triumph part no is 97-1896, BSA use 97-3672. There is something completly wrong here! The bushings as it is assembled with is similar to those bushings that I have a new set of (The old model bushings similar to fit a BSA A10 fork). You can’t bleed the forks without a #20 Torx wrench or remove the ODI lock-on grip or right side panel without a #10. Hi everyone, I am a Triumph BSA owner/fan for over 40 years! favourite was a Triumph 500RR Daytona. , pinch bolts in the fork bottom yoke) and loosening the top chrome fork nuts, I supported the area between the steering head and frame on a saw horse, taped a thin block of wood to a ten pound sledge hammer (to prevent destruction of the Place the fork bottom in a vice and with tool 61-3005 remove the seal holder from the bottom leg. 60-4211 Fits the following models: Triumph Trident 750 Electric Start Triple T160V 1975 - 1976 Triumph Trident 750 Triple T150V 1974 - 1975 Triumph Trident 750 5 Speed T150V 1971 - 1973 Triumph Trident 750 T150 1969 - 1972 Triumph X75 Hurricane BSA A75 Rocket 1968 - 1971 and First, you have to remove the forks from the bike. By contrast, the BSA front forks are excellent and certainly on a par with the best in current use, but the old BSA trait of heaviness at the steering head is still evident. Even the brake and clutch master-cylinder caps are held on with Torx bolts !!! BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE !!! THESE US MADE ALLOY FORK SHUTTLE VALVE BODIES (2) WILL FIT 1968-1970 T120, T120R BONNEVILLE, TR6, TR6R, TR6C TIGER & TROPHY, 1968-1974 T100, T100R, T100C, DAYTONA, TIGER & TROPHY, 1968-70 TRIUMPH TRIDENT T150, AS WELL AS 1968 ONWARD A50 AND A65 BSA ROYAL STAR, THUNDERBOLT & LIGHTNING TWINS & ROCKET3 TRIPLES. 3. All the descriptions for my parts are as accurate as possible if you are unsure please do not bid The BSA manual specifies an end gap of . 69/70 forks aren't hard to find. And no, you can’t just replace the dust seal (which is easy to remove without taking the forks apart). Published: 1961 complete with envelope. Close examination of the sleeves will show that they are much thicker one end than the other, with a noticeable step on the inside. a fork maintained with stanchion lube for a year won’t even be on the same planet performance-wise (unless you never ride either). Headlamp bucket and trim ring with Plasti-Dip removed I also decided to grind off the fender mounting stubs on the stock lower fork casings since I no longer need those with my bobbed front fender. 60's Triumph 650 rear wheel and brake. Supplied assembled if ordering everything. This one on the right fork wouldn’t twist off. £34. 13652 Redmond - Woodinville Road NE Redmond, WA 98052 (425) 882-0972 or email us The site is to document my restoration of a 1958 BSA Golden Flash 650cc. Viscosity: No. D7,D14, DBD 500cc Gold star (This tool will not fit oil in frame models or 1968-1970 models) How to undo the fork leg from BSA A65 1968. 8 out of 5 stars 18. Unfortunately, with the drain holes pointing left and right, pumping the forks just about guarantees spraying oil all over the place. See Bottom Bracket Tool Selection: Threaded and Thread-Together to determine the correct tool. One has to feel sorry for the employee given the job … Frame, Forks & Wheels Triumph Norton BSA POINTS GAP BTDC vinyl decal transfer $6. The exhaust valve is on the right. 1971 BSA Lightning Basket Case. These are straight. 00 Norton Fork Oil Seal Paper Washer 06-7520 $6. Bearing 20mm x 42mm x 14,84mm (Alternative 26-6890, similar but different) Motorcycle spares for BSA A, B, C, M Group models, Norton Commando, Dominator,ES2, Navigator models, Triumph Bonneville, Trident, Thunderbird, T100 models. 830 likes · 1 talking about this · 13 were here. 007" or less, the ends must be filed carefully to obtain the correct minimum gap. Remove the front anchor stay securing bolt from the rear brake torque arm. Nos. 013" (maximum). 00 BSA Lightning sidecover decal silver and black bolt 650 vinyl $8. From 1969 BSA changed to UNF fasteners, Only way to remove the cover tubes is to remove the fork tubes, then get some separation between the headlight casquette and outer cover tubes and the lower tree there's a locknut assembly (another hex fitting) on the back of the headlight casquette underneath the handlebar assembly. Put a small jack or blocks of wood under the engine to raise the front wheel off the ground. It needs a seat, mufflers (both of which I just found on eBay) and a lot of little things. Remove the side panels. Dow Damper rods are available from several sources as well as drawings to make your own. My site contains many photos showing BSA bantam being restored. Fork stanchion kits for Triumph BSA and Norton models complete with bushes and seals for A7, A10, B31, B32, B33, B34,M20,M21 1946-63. One end is threaded for 24 tpi and the other for 26 tpi so it fits both early and late bikes. The damper rod front ends were used on twins 66-68, Victors 66-70. uk Classic Bike Parts For British Motorcycles - Triumph, BSA, Norton, AMC and More Feked Classic Bike Parts – The most extensive range of classic British motorcycle parts and spares for pre unit and unit construction Triumph and BSA models. The circlip might be rusty and brittle. Front suspension was by telescopic forks with external springs which came with metal tubular covers extending to the top of the fork legs. Pump the fork slowly until all the air is out of the damping capitations, and add oil if necessary, until it is again six inches from the top of the tube. NOTE: THESE ARRIVE TO US FROM OUR SUPPLIER WITH VARIOUS FINISHES INCLUDING BLUE POWDERCOAT (AS PICTURED), GOLD ANODIZED OR SILVER ANODIZED. Similar to telescopic forks, inverted ("upside-down") forks have the slider bodies at the top, and the fork tubes at the bottom. However, the Triumph badges sit on the surface and follow the contours of the tanks. You may, if you prefer, remove the plugs and let the oil squirt out! Clean your forks with water; a hose is best, but if you use a jet wash then turn the bike upside down first so, as not to force water inside the fork seals. where is the best place to get replacement seals and get the springs reset. Remove gearchange pedal and kickstarter pedal. She had three gears, a maximum speed of around 50 mph, good brakes for the time and fuel economy of over 100 miles to a gallon of fuel, interesting when compared to the lower effeciency of Bsa M20 Pdf User Manuals. Find Repair Help by searching, selecting categories, or clicking on the "View Bike Diagram" button (Tablet or Desktop). Use an allen key to loosen the lower bolt which secures the shock to the frame, but do not take it out yet. g. The folk shrouds and the lower yoke assembly should now slide off the two upper fold legs (they may need a bit of persuasion). 60 How to remove the front forks from BSA A65 1968. First introduced in 1946 and then modified in 1953, Roadholder fork construction stayed relatively constant until the end of Norton production in the mid-1970s. When refitting the piston to the conrod it is most important to have the piston ring gaps at the front, ie numbers one and three will appear nearest the front on the Re-assembly of the BSA Beagle was largely straightforward although the parts book is slightly confusing in places, especially when trying to reassemble the rear axial. It looks like the original owner crashed it, then parked it. Benedict Pfender / Immediate Media Cartridge bearings also allow for split crown races to be used, easing installation. BSA reality. Dave Clough has been riding for over 33 years, and owns seven motorcycles, Four BSA Bantams, Two Triumphs and a Kawasaki, and enough BSA parts to make at least three more bikes. This How-To centers on rebuilding Roadholder forks on a 1974 Norton Commando. Remove the top yoke by undoing the large nut on the top (A), and (if fitted) the bolt that goes through (B) and the allen/bolts on the sides (C) Tap/lift the top yoke off. So it was just a case of removing the Sunbeam sliders and fitting the BSA/Ariel sliders. e. Unscrew the brake operating rod adjuster nut and remove the speedometer cable from the rear wheel drive. The flap of the envelope has stuck to the top right of the chart, I have not tried to remove it. Insert the tool fully and remove the non-drive (left-side) cup by turning counterclockwise, holding the tool firmly to the cup. The work we performed included removing the rust from the frame & re-welded a fractured tab & crack in the oil tank, paint black the frame & various parts, paint red the gasoline tank & 2 side covers, re-chrome the rear fender, replace the front fender & 2 missing front Fork nut is sold individually. mudguard and stays from the forks. It is not too expensive and is the best tool for the job. PLEASE CHECK THE SIZE! Outer cage 47mm diameter, 12mm wide. 00 inc post Australia. Separating the fork oil seal holders. The top nut is the only difference. The rebound is no better. Tax: £39. The most convenient wav to dismantle the forks is to remove each leg separately, having first detached the frolït wheel and mudguard. . M20,M21. Triumph Fork axle caps, Norton short roadholder fork stanchions, BSA Fork top nuts suitable for A65 97-4008, BSA Fork top nuts suitable for B25 and A50, Fork Gaiters for Honda CB550 and CB750 models. On most bikes you will want to tighten the nut till all play is removed but the Steering Stem moves smoothly. A disadvantage to inverted forks is that if an oil seal fails they may lose all their damping oil. 5mm Aluminum Slider Forks 1971-81 : There are the two variations of Triumph and BSA damping rods used on aluminum slider forks. usually available from stock, see 'General List'. Among the famous motorcycle designs attributed to Edward Turner, the smallest was the single cylinder, overhead valve 199 cc Triumph T20 Tiger Cub introduced in 1954, itself a slightly In October 1948 the BSA Bantam was released, the bike had telescopic forks, a rigid rear end, direct electrics, shovel front-mudguard and fishtail silencer. May also fit other Triumph and BSA models. Here is the picture of the bike my son sent me of the bike. The mechanic must blend away a scratch by applying the Scotch-Brite pad to the area around the scratch (concentrating on one point will tend to put a flat spot on the case -- most cases are of a double curvature shape). The fuel tank is 60's BSA. - i'd go for c15 forks in trials use, the B25 forks have damper rods built in, which will remove all that softness as you land. To check the oil level within the forks, place the machine on its stand, remove the plated hexagon cap from the top of each shaft and pass a thin rod down inside to act as a dipstick. A large nut, threading onto the steering stem, holds the lower triple tree (Lower Fork Yoke), balls, and races to the frame neck (Steering Head). gloves, face mask and following the manufacturers instructions. $25. European Motorcycles, Inc. This company is Kidderminster Motorcycles ( 01562 66679 ). Separating the swing arm (and removing the silent bloc) The swing arm on an old A10 does not come apart easily. The condition of the stanchion tubes is important, any rust or scores will damage the seals. Somehow, the accordion-shaped tubes made a motorcycle look instantly old-fashioned to me. 06-0320,03-0454 Park Tool has hundreds of tools to accommodate any bicycle repair, including tool kits to fit any bike mechanic. I bought it in pieces for $800. It can get confusing in 1968 Triumph started using a combination of Whitworth and standard (UNC, UNF) thread hardware on their engines and chassis. This little BSA project is 1965 C15 (SS80). Align the 4thgear up against and concentrically with the sleeve gear. It was fitted with a 3. Priced at £40. To remove the reflectors I just twisted counterclockwise. 62 from Kawasaki, while a pair of the oil seals that sit underneath them are £22. Tr#*mph T140 forks with disc are a popular conversion as are any number of jap front ends. This page shows the transformation of this motorc Explain any five of these chess tactics: clearance sacrifice, decoy, discovered attack, double attack, fork, interposing, overloading, overprotecting, pin, remove the defender, skewer, zwischenzug. 3. Now install the top triple tree (Upper Fork Yoke), the second steering stem nut and then the front forks. Where the Honda was slick, sophisticated and easy to ride, the Beezer was stark, clunky and ornery. The picture below of an old bearing cup shows that the centre of the cups are threaded. Fork Stanchions (Fork Tubes) Fork stanchions for BSA, Triumph, Norton, Royal Enfield & Velocette The fork stanchions listed below are made to the original specification in the UK using British steel We have a wide range of Stanchions available, Please search our catalogue using part numbers for our full range. Importantly the T20B tanks have threaded holes in the correct positions for the Triumph badges. How to renew petrol tap corks. Exact production figures are unknown, but it was over 250,000 [citation needed] and some estimates place the number closer to half a mi TOP QUALITY CHROME FORK TOP STANCHION NUT (1). Good threads except for the mudguard studs which will all need replacing. Disconnect the chain after removing the spring link. It shoud then be possible to pull the forks out from the bottom. When production moved to the Matchless factory, these parts (or rather, design) started appearing on the G/N15CS for the 1964-65 model year. Use a piece of wire or bent welding rod to suspend the caliper from the frame and reduce strain on the hose. Place the fork bottom in a vice and with tool 61-3005 remove the seal holder from the bottom leg. Front wheel, together with the brake, disconnecting the brake cable. New ones are available. The forks look much cleaner now. Published: 1961 complete with envelope. BSA Bantam D7- 1960 Engine Rebuild  The following article covers off my restoration of one of three of my D7 BSA Bantam Engines. Hagon or Ikon shocks on the rear. Fork stanchion puller upper. 00 inc post USA & £62. I find it helps to tap the threaded section gently all round first. Do you have the Neimann key? Remove the chrome lock cover shown above. SOLD AS PAIRS. There is an inherent frustration with the heavyweight forks in that there is virtually no proper damping. COMMENTS: This BSA had been with the customer for many years as a "basket case" even traveling with him to different states. IF YOU HAVE A PREFERENCE, PLEASE Lowbrow Customs Clutch Plate Locking Tool for Triumph and BSA Motorcycles OEM # 61-3768 or Z13 22 reviews $15. It's hardly serious, but the bike tends to teeter on the centre of the tyre tread when upright and at speed, which is a mite disconcerting. This beautiful tool should be in the toolbox of every owner of early BSAs. find a set of forks with disc brake and adapt. The light alloy full width hubs and brake plates as fitted to the Ariel/BSA range 1955 to 1959 are out there at very reasonable prices. Fork Parts BSA, Triumph, Norton, Royal Enfield We still have a large range of genuine fork parts including yokes, fork sliders, stanchions, fork bushes, Fork Oil Seals, fork springs, fork top nuts, fork gaiters, chrome seal holders and so on… Everything for full assemblies. 650 Triumph and BSA, ’71/’72: 70x49cm: BSA Service Chart-Removing Engine unit, MC51: A50 & A65: 72×48 cm: BSA Service Chart-Decarbonising and Top Overhaul, MC15. Hope that helps. Lift the seal holder up out of the way and by using small screwdrivers or a pointed tool prise the circlip out. If you like your suspension with M1 ATF, great. Also fits Triumph and BSA triples with conical front hubs (1971-1972). This spindle is held in place by a securing bolt on one end and a nut on the opposite end. Rear Wheel Removal The fork tube installation tool uses an old fork cap nut with the hex filed off so it can be drawn through the upper triple tree. This arrangement is popular for sport bikes as it decreases unsprung weight while increasing torsional stiffness. An Airhead gave up it's Koni shocks. Compared to the old Earle’s forks, which look like they could hold up the front end on a tank, the spindly tubes on the later /2 model BMW’s of the late 60’s look downright weird when covered in their collapsible rubber gaiters. The tool took about an hour to make. Anodised finish of forks is actually harder than steel blade, provided you don’t dig a pointy end in. Fork N Road Deer Processing, Caledonia, Mississippi. BSA Part No. Image Sku Description Onhand Price Buy; 40-5180: Fork Assembly Complete, 1967 B44r & B25 Nos FORK ASSEMBLY COMPLETE, 1967 B44R & B25 NOS THESE HAVE TO FORWARD FACING FENDER MOUNTING TABS AND ARE USED WITH THE A fork maintained properly for a year vs. The Old Town Maltings, Broad Street, Bungay, Suffolk, NR35 1EE 01986 894798 spares@draganfly. A7 & A10: 72×48 cm: Triumph Engine Exploded View: 250 Trophy: 71x56cm: Triumph Forks and Front Hub Assembly: Triumph 500/650 ’69 ’70: 71x56cm: Genuine ‘Go Classic Bike Parts For British Motorcycles - Triumph, BSA, Norton, AMC and More Feked Classic Bike Parts – The most extensive range of classic British motorcycle parts and spares for pre unit and unit construction Triumph and BSA models. Velocette, British manufactured motorbikes, Classic and Vintage, Britishmcparts are UK based and are great supporters of Made In UK Parts, most of which are manufactured around the area of Birmingham, England. These are the late type. This is part of the cam and must not be removed or switched. The only difference is that the BSA one is slightly shorter – you carefully can cut the top down on the Triumph sleeve to fit it to a BSA if sleeves for the latter are not available. How to change BSA fork oil seals. Dave Clough has been riding for over 33 years, and owns seven motorcycles, Four BSA Bantams, Two Triumphs and a Kawasaki, and enough BSA parts to make at least three more bikes. 99 $ 25. There are many different designs and tool options. Original forks let you keep the stock brake which isn't bad. Drop the fork by removing the brake, and the mudguard if required, then unthread the locknut and upper cup . Step 5 - Remove the Triple Tree. Disconnect the brake cable at the lever on the brake cover plate and then remove the nut securing the cover plate to the fork leg. Triumph revised the T150 Trident for the 1971 model season. With the forks off the bike, take the air-bleed screw out of the fork cap. Clutch Extractor Tools 61-3583 E514, W49909, PED2005 Part # Description Models 60-0400 CLUTCH EXTRACTOR TOOL Buy Online Triumph T20 60-0662/3 CLUTCH Read more » We have both black painted and chromed handles available. The ideal tool for this purpose is an air-powered angle grinder with a soft Scotch-Brite® type pad installed. Inspect the threaded cups for tool fittings. Nos. The valve timing on this cam is as follows: closes 45degree ABC 5 ATC View and Download BSA C15 instruction manual online. TRIUMPH T140 TR7 foil DECAL 190cc fork top oil Esso lube 97-4259 OIF 190 $6. Then remove the large nut which carried the cap. Short Roadholder forks were pre- Featherbed; for example, Norton fitted them on the Nomad. The downfall on the BSA oil pumps BSA "heavyweight" forks from that era are allegedly dampened on compression, but IMO, that is a pretty vague definition of dampened. BSA motorcycles were made by the Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited (BSA), which was a major British industrial combine, a group of businesses manufacturing military and sporting firearms; bicycles; motorcycles; cars; buses and bodies; steel; iron castings; hand, power, and machine tools; coal cleaning and handling plants; sintered metals; and hard chrome process. Most parts in-stock will fit the BSA A50, A65, C15, B40, B25, A75, Rocket III, B31, B32, Etc. 95 Lowbrow Customs TDC Top Dead Center Tool 1963-82 500 / 650 Triumph and 1969-72 BSA A50 A65 Vintage Triumphs used Whitworth thread hardware on much of the bike, as do other vintage British cars and motorcycles such as Norton, BSA, Jaguar, MG and others. This is my second, and spare engine. 00 Mylar decal sheet Triumph unit 500 650 Bonneville Daytona Tiger Trophy GOLD $50. 2. Spend time on this, but it doesn’t need to be perfect. We have used the Haynes manual for BSA Bantam 1948 to 1971, BSA spares catalogue for models D7 and D7 de luxe, and original service sheets from 1960. A nice feature of BSAs of this era is that almost every part is stamped with the stacked rifles logo and the model type, in this case an ‘S’. caphead screws & washers. . Remove small tool box ( two bolts internally ). The reason the circlip came out was that the last time I reassembled the forks, I shimmed the upper bush and used a shim that was a little to thick. The Beagle fork assembly consists of both fork legs welded on to the bottom yoke and a top-mounting bracket. The Emulators, Adapters, Piston Rings and Fork Springs are the same for both styles. New (Pair) Norton Dominator, Commando Mk1 1968-70 Roadholder Fork Oil Seal Holders With Locating Holes For Tightening or Removing. Remove brake pedal. 1. Then remove the front wheel and the front fender. As everyone in my family and my friends know, I've been looking for a BSA motorcycle for quite a while now. The history and main features of the B50 range of BSA motorcycles is described on my B50T page. 4. Powder coated. Knock back the locking washer then undo the large sprocket nut ( left-hand thread! ). SRM Engineering Unit 22 Glanyrafon Enterprise Park Aberystwyth Ceredigion SY23 3JQ UK Telephone: 01970 627771 Fax: 01970 627773 email: click here Grease up the bearings and slide the fork stem through the frame neck and put on the top bearing and nut or the top triple tree. Bought via a post on the owners club FB page. With White to move first, demonstrate how to Triumph Trident T160 T150 BSA Rocket 3 Starter Motor (Genuine/Original Fitment) LUCAS 60-4211 NOS NEW OLD STOCK Part No. In stock on Removing the forks at this point is fairly straightforward. Tax: £47. Bsa Bantam Racing - Facebook A split fork race is easier to install and remove. If you want a stock BSA front end, you are going to need to do some scrounging. Buy Online. The BSA C15 was a 250cc motorcycle suited Bike handlebars come in various designs, so the method required to remove them will vary depending on the type of bike you own. 77 TRIUMPH BSA motorcycles master cylinder cap decal 750 T140 UK MADE $5. Remove the front wheel, axle, fender, brake cables etc, unscrew the large fork tube nuts atop the top yoke and then loosen the pinch bolts on the lower yoke and then pull and twist each fork tube out. BSA PN# 61-3005, MADE IN THE UK. Pre and post war Norton, AJS, Matchless AMC singles and twins. 15-5260: BSA Girder Fork, Fork Link, Bottom Friction Link Genuine BSA ( New old stock ) BSA Part No. When production moved to the Matchless factory, these parts (or rather, design) started appearing on the G/N15CS for the 1964-65 model year. Spring rate, preload, fork oil level, and clickers: Yes. Remove the drive sprocket from the splines of the main-shaft. Front Fork Adventure Steering Damper EC NIX 30 Adventure TTX GP RXF 48 S NIX 30 Street Custom 43 Custom 43 Blackline FKR 100 Custom 48 Blackline NIX 22 (Custom & Heritage) NIX 22 Öhlins fork springs FSK 100 STX 46 Street Öhlins shock springs STX 36 Supersport STX 36 Scooter FDK 100 STX 36 Blackline Öhlins Extension and Race kits STX 46 A front fork can't be spread the same way as the rear of a frame, because you can't lever against the seat tube. The BSA tool is basically a hollow tube with two tabs at its base that lock into notches inside the oil seal holders. IMO, keep the suspension travel close to stock so you don't dick up the handling. Remove the block of wood, lift out the wheel and put to one side. 9",12. co. 3 inch dia. The engine cracks were welded by PES and the stator post was built up by my local shop. I used pliers to twist if off. The ballrace driven out together. The top covers are off, and I have the springs off, but I haven't worked out how to remove the slider from the lower legs, is there a Bol or something down the hollow top of the fork leg? BSA Fork stanchion puller tool which fits models from the 1940s to 1970. On today's Tech Tip post Kyle of Classic British Spares will go over in detail how to remove and properly install new 97-1527 (H1527) handlebar p-clamp bushings. When replacing make sure the spindle ends are level with the end faces of the caps. HP16 ONU 01494 862841) carries the fork springs if you are interested. 2. Background: Rolling restoration - recommision to get this motorcycle back onto the road. Next, undo the two mudguard clips (90-6541) and let them drop down the fork tubes. Made to replace Triumph and BSA part number 60-2363, D2363, 70-8019, E8019 and S70-7. Once the top yoke is off, undo the castellated nut and lift off the nut and top cap/washer. Bantam B175 'heavyweight': 1. For the time being a standard steel B50 top has been used. As long as the frame isn't screwed with, you have the basis for a good handling build. Starfire B25 1969: 1. Fork gaiters are a curious motorcycle accessory. This Triumph BSA seal holder remove & refit tool will cleanly remove your fork seal holders on Triumph Trident T150, Triumph Trophy, Tiger and Bonneville from 1964 to 1970, Trophy, Tiger, Daytona up to 1974, TR25W, Rocket III A75 to 1970, 1967 Tiger Cub and all BSA twins from 1969 to ’70, etc. KEEP YOUR FORK TOP NUTS IN CRISP NEW CONDITION BY USING THE CORRECT… Slide bottom of gaiter up fork leg to expose fork dust seal. B25, B31, B33 B40 B44. To remove the forks I have to lift the front end to get the tire off. Plus many other vintage bikes. The spring should shove it out. After removing the primary chain cover, a crack was spotted in the casing under some araldite! that was not noticed before due to old mud caked all over it, also inside the bottom stator mount was missing. 26TPI CEI threads, sold as pairs and made in the UK! See recommended links for individual nut, the 1968 onward bush nuts and our service spanner for installing and removing these! LF Harris motorcycle spares are produced to the highest quality standards possible utilizing original Triumph tooling, dies, factory Fitting Instructions (once forks have been removed):- 1. Now tighten the nut. Remove Deep Scratches and Marks . Use a flat bladed screw driver carefully to push it inwards and out of its ‘groove’ and then lift up the fork leg. It came right off very easily… but. CONTACT us. 00 Triumph fork oil foil decal 230cc fork cap Esso Glide Mobile Castrol Texaco $6. Since I always like to stay busy I have found a new project to work on which I happened to have here at the shop tucked away in storage. The BSA tanks tend to have recesses on either side of the tanks to take the BSA badges. They are stocked in 11. CLASSIC MOTOCROSS IRON: 1965 RICKMAN Removing the forks is relatively easy compared to installing them. 222-613063 Puller, steering. Removal of the sludge trap can be quite challenging and I have tried to summarize the tricks I had to use to remove my sludge trap. Prise out the two chrome-plated top nut caps (90-5255) and put them to one side. Stick the key into the keyhole, turn it to the left till it stops, at about 10 O'clock, wiggle the forks a bit and pull the whole thing out. Using a ½ inch Allen key, unscrew the fork tops. Improved design and cheaper, includes adapters for Ariel and BSA forks: A73: Reynolds type chain breaker: 6636-29: 14″ of metal cased replica tyre pump, excellent quality, as original: 90-9237: 12″ of metal cased replica tyre pump, excellent quality, as original: A7/10: 1960-62: 6692-90: Wellseal, gasket cement Remove the stem and bars, and attach them to the bike’s top tube with an old toe strap. Not having stripped a set before I'm a bit foxed. 77 Installing Electrex World Electronic Ignition - Day 1. How to remove the front forks from BSA A65 1968. Now stack the exhaust in a corner of your workshop (or shed) and get ready to remove the chainguard. A. It's best to remove the off-side front foot-peg assembly as well, as it makes for an easier removal of the complete exhaust pipe and silencer from the bike. overall length about 22-1/2", replace bsa pn# 89-5061. Please note, colour of item may BSA C15 or B25 forks, unless you go for trick forks. However you need to remove the springs, partially replace the fork top nuts and hit them with a rubber mallet to break the taper/seal. 50″ x 19″with a quickly detachable (QD) ‘Crinkle Hub’ and 7″ drum brake. modified to fit. Triumph BSA O-ring Dust excluder 97-2119 forks fork seal A65 A50 T120 TR6 $3. Fork oil seal removal / fitting tool to suit numerous BSA motorcycles. Lightweight forks, Internal fork spring models, Please take note this stanchion doesn't fit sports and heavyweight fork models, Begin by removing both cranks. BSA M20 tappet chest. I'm have no interest in attempting to refute your "real world" data. Removing the Plasti-Dip from my headlamp bucket using a wire wheel on a grinder. Tools for BSA, Norton, Triumph, Royal Enfield Also See Tool Bags & Rolls & Work Shop Manuals We also carry a wide range of Tool trays and Toolboxes available. Triumph lower fork bushing nut for Triumph 350, 500 and 650 twins 1964-67. Its the step change in wall thickness (prob no more than a mm) that holds the bushings in place at the top and the end-cap/seal holder that holds them in at the bottom. Features 2 tabs on the bottom to slip into your fork seal holder s BSA Service Chart C15 covering Front Fork and Wheels. Place bike on center stand 2. How to lift off a stuck cylinder head. Fork links, gear wheels, petrol cap, even mudguard brackets – if it was big enough to stamp, BSA did so. 5-inch front brake. Remove the caliper while leaving the hose connected. Loosen the clamp bolts for both fork BSA motor Cycles Hornet tank top vinyl DECAL 650 A65 Classic british bike $10. 00 Triumph inner fork tube springs T120 T140 T150 97-4011 bonneville Trident $50. As you can see the heavyweight Bantam forks are larger than the standard Bantam but not as big as the BSA unit singles. The flap of the envelope has stuck to the top right of the chart, I have not tried to remove it. 009" (minimum) . Bsa A7 1950's Shooting Star Daytona Petrol Fuel Tank 500cc Ohv Aluminum Find Bsa-a10 right now online! Bsa A10 . A pair of fork dust seals (the seals you can see) for this 1999 ZX-6R are £20. The fork lock can be removed in four ways, depending upon conditions. First to remove the Fork Shrouds from the Upper Folk Legs. Loosen the wheel spindle nuts and take off the wheel. Two bolts underneath each fork. Or . The dia. After removing the necessary securing parts (i. Then, using a suitable socket (I used one I'd ground downspecially as there's not clearance) undo the top nuts (42-0101) and remove them. Once the top nut is removed the procedure is the same. 99 Incl. Polish smooth using metal polish (autosol or similar). BSA Bantam D7, D5, and B175 Restoration, with Photos, Videos and a daily motorcycling Blog. They loan the extractor tool and supply a reply paid envelope. Remove 4thgear from the mainshaft and locate the ‘Top’ selector fork into the groove in the gear. Check your parts book to ensure the best fitment. One will need the remains of the fork stanchions removing as can be seen. 61-3350 (minus the large nut and washer), into the top of the fork leg. This is most of a 1971 BSA A65 Lightning 650 motorcycle. Remove the caps at the bottom of the fork legs, supporting the wheel as this is being done and withdraw the wheel. Removing the forks is relatively easy compared to installing them. Spares for other WW2 Military motorcycles can be found here Click on an image to view in more detail. 99. There is no need to split the exhaust assembly. removing bsa forks