how good are morel lifters Continue to tighten the rocker bolt until the bolt hits its snug point. The first hydraulic lifters appeared in the 1930’s on Pierce-Arrow motorcars, and in the 1940’s solid roller lifters were designed for use in America’s bombers and fighter planes. but the guys on the FE forum came to the conclusion that hydraulic rollers were good to Hi PSIG, Thank you for the reply and with the idea of sleeving the lifter bores. (I am pretty happy with it. Morel makes all the stuff for top fuel and high power engines. These are LS7 lifters, great quality and they get rid of the GM 5. Best lifters at a great price. MM 5206 MM5206. I use 10w30 and at least one of them will leak down if it sits longer than 2 days. 5 turns if you have stock lifters or 3/8 turn to 1/2 turn if you have Comp lifters. Reviews. Morel Hydraulic Roller Link Bar Lifters FORD WIND/CLEV 351-400 CU IN (302 CU IN REQUIRES HEAD REMOVAL TO INSTALL LIFTERS) . 700" wheel lifter on the market that uses a live axle and a wire loc retention system. Top tier parts and design. 750 Roller Total Pro Bushed Solid Roller Lifters. I spoke with Hughes engines, they recommended morel hydraulic roller lifters, so that's what I am going to run. I have 2 sets of 4603 in use for 5 years, very noisy at idle when cold, less when warm. 842″ OD Solid Roller Lifters 4606. 0, 6. They are direct replacements for the OE roller lifters and are 50-state legal. 0018". Go to their website, also see John Callies site as he is the distributor for them. 99 shipping. I have been researching this for a while, some guys run hydraulic rollers on solid roller cams. Do I need anything more than a good quality factory replacement hydraulic lifter? The motor will not be raced more than a few times just for grins and won't see much over 6 G's. , the official home of Morel Lifters. By the 1950’s hydraulic camshafts were becoming the norm, though all high-performance engines like the BOSS 302, 427 Cobra Jet and the 426 HEMI still used I use Morel link bars and they have performed flawlessly for 2 seasons now. 842D. RL901 - PBM Performance - SBC Professional Series Bushed Mechanical Roller Lifters - . OEM's and other mfgs use a swedged axle design. BBC . MOREL ULTRA PRO LIFTERS Advanced Search . Brian sells good stuff and is a gentleman to talk to. I think these have a 380 lb. 5 out of 16 have a loose bearing and one is spread 1/10 mm. Ensure consistent valve timing, efficient valvetrain operation, and maximum power with top-brand lifters from COMP Cams, Jesel, Howards Cams, Lunati, Crower, Scorpion Performance, and more! Choose from hydraulic lifters for quiet, maintenance-free performance on the street or shop our selection of mechanical lifters for superior high-rpm Hydraulic lifters have been the choice of the automotive industry for many years for several good reasons. The instructions said not to use any oil heavier than 15w40. Ive run 6504 morel drop-in lifters without issues. In most situations they seem to justify the old phrase, "subwoofers need not apply. He says all the rest are suspect. ISKY Racing Cams : - Retainers Apparel And Literature CAMSHAFTS Tools Valve Seals VALVE SPRINGS Special Order Roller Lifters Push Rod Valve Stem Oil Seal Engine Degree Wheel Distributor Drive Gear Shirt Camshaft Thrust Button Valve Spring Kit Timing Set Camshaft Kit Valve Spring Tester Camshaft Lifter Rocker Arm Rev Kit Engine Builder Tool Kit Valve Stem Seal Tool Hat Valve Spring Retainer Browse Engine Parts Lifters listings near Rochester, NY RACINGJUNK GIVEAWAY - Check Out All of our Giveaways Here! - enter now COVID-19 Update: News and Resources for the Race and Performance Industry morel lifters? Lifters If one has a single roller an one has double roller , double goes on exhaust Post by: rogue335 , Apr 17, 2012 in forum: PSI Superchargers Tech Questions Morel is good about constantly looking on how to improve their entire product line. Morel Lifters. , it can mean as little as 0. We also offer the Morel Lifter in our roller cam kit, the bonus is it is less money with the Morel Mike I personally use Morel lifters and have never had a problem with them. 2. They were very noisy from day one. But I think the Morel lifters will work, which would save me from stripping the block bare again and hauling it back to the machine shop and waiting another month or longer to get it back. 750 Wheel Dia. REDUCED TRAVEL OE-STYLE HYDRAULIC ROLLER LIFTERS. They are not as forgiving as LS7 lifters but are as quiet as can be when in spec. Considered as a built in shock absorber, eases stress on valve train. 5% positive. Bobby woods has to have SOMEBODY make his lifter, right? So MY personal assumption is he has American MAchine make those directional lifters. Let me repeat that. I should have some link bar lifters sent to me in the next couple of weeks. Features a . . In addition the OEM rocker is great for aftermarket cam profiles as long as the rockers have had a trunnion upgrade. 875D . These lifters have . . When installing a new cam it a good idea to replace the lifter and lifter guides to prevent any premature failure. Captcha. 842 diameter roller lifters with the load capacity of a one-inch design. 3 5. These power stroke lifters are manufactured to standards that exceed the OEM call out. 2, 7. . Name-brand, quality parts ONLY. 0. Excellent for factory replacement or deleting AFM/DOD. Our ability to source, design, and sell products to satisfy your performance needs of $100M a year industry giant or a racer with $10 to spend has built our reputation as the go to source in the performance industry. Roller blocks have a longer distance from camshaft centerline to the center of the lifter oil gallery. Shortblocks, Longblocks, Turn-Key Engines. 375" max lobe lift. 750" roller wheel and tie-bar construction. When compared to a mechanical lifter, the hydraulics are: 1. 842D. Morel LS7 Lifters Set of 16 and Guide Trays FITS LS1 LS2 LS3 LS6 LQ4 LQ9 LY5 LY6 LM7 4. 150". The lifter body is fully machined from alloy steel bar stock, not a casting like OEM lifters. 4 of the bad ones are offset. 750" Roller Diameter They sell for $750 I am doing a complete engine rebuild with a new cam. Hyd. Morel needle bearing lifters in all of our engines. I have a hydraulic set in a 540 that is successfully running over 6500 without issues. And Morel doesn't even list this product number on their website! I contacted the vendor to ask about this lifter, and was told that it's manufactured by Eaton here in the US, then sent to Morel for the added QA. Callies Crankshafts Morel Lifters. One reason why they’re expensive. 3/8 . Not a ton of experience with this setup, I run shafts and more lift with my set up and would try to sway anyone who is over . It's best to have lifter to bore clearance in the . 120″ plunger travel and have an 80% fill rate with the test oil. They are excellent pieces and I think I've used more Morel hydraulic and solid roller lifters than any other brand in both FE's and SBF's. The Wood lifter is no comparasion, apples and oranges. P. If you have an engine with really good 24-degree heads, a 15. They were always a good lifter, but I heard they are now assembled in US and machined in China. 300" higher than our standard Chevy roller and the intake seats are offset . Don't hesitate to try a set if you need some, but I wouldn't go over 1/4 turn past 0 unless u have a reason to. Everything past this point is lifter preload. So a set lifters from a REPUTABLE NORTH AMERICAN manufacturer, the hyd roller are cheaper. T5372 6,000 RPM SB Chevy Retro-Fit Vertical Bar Hydraulic Roller Lifters. Recommended . If you’re looking at building a full race application, you would at least need a set of rollers like the short travels or you would want to step It is always good to get your preload dialed in but the drop in full travel lifters are more forgiving about being a little off. Crower EnduraMax lifters eliminat Sounds good, but I haven't heard of ANYONE using these in a powerstroke. 5" tips, CTS-V Torque Converter, Camaro 3. 700 buick . This way, the lifter bores can be blueprinted—providing proper lifter-to-bore clearance along with correct geometry. Seller 99. 4. THESE LIFTERS ARE SOLD AS IS WITH NO TYPE OF WARRNTY OR EXCHANGE OFFERED ONCE THEY’RE INSTALLED. After two years they were tapping worse and the car sounded like a POS. True, with more pressure on the valves and cam grinds moving the lifter in a more dramatic gesture, the use of a good break-in lube becomes even more critical. 18" enough to be covered in the weirdly machined lifter block. Welcome to John Callies Inc. 675” w/1. He uses stock high performance Chevy lifters. lifters take forever to prime. The solid roller lifters still require valve lash, or the clearance needed for the lifter to unload when the cam comes around. MOPAR440 . Unless you are a super high end engine builder with a reputation, good luck and even they need a string of failures. And Morel doesn't even list this product number on their website! I contacted Straub Tech to ask about this lifter, and was told that it's manufactured by Eaton here in the US, then sent to Morel for the added QA. Fits all GM LSx Engines, including LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7. 3 tick. howards hydraulic roller lifters bbc for example 91161 street 91162 street strip Just buy some good name brand stock style roller lifters for 160-200 dollars. Quieter. 8K likes. Johnson Lifters wants to be your valve lifter source. Captured link bar system ensures precise lifter movement without binding. (They look to be the same as the Gaterman #GP1002's. They turned out to be Howards Cams #91167 lifters. My lifters, in a non-bushed block, leak oil into the lifter valley and my max oil pressure cold is 40, drops to 20 at 1800, then to less than 10 at idle when warm. 844 and that clearance is . 180 Offset , Mech. 68 and the Morel is 1. The Morel 6s play very solid and deep down to their designed lower limit. Morel may make the Isky, PBM and Howards SBF hydraulic roller lifters. 904 on the sizing issue. 5. Does anyone have an idea what may cause this That's where a really good quality super clean spring is worth it's $$. 550 to do the same. Morel lifters are unlike any lifters you've ever seen before. Your goal is to have between 1/2 turn and 1. Running great still. 45 Diff, 6 Piston Front/4 Ford Engine Builder & Machine Shop. 0L (2) Apply 5. The Morels are another stand mounted speaker in the Fritz line up. An excellent upgrade to all Gen III and Gen IV style LS engines, but also compatible with Gen V LT applications as well. Needle roller lifters really don't have a "going bad" indicator. THESE LIFTERS ARE SOLD AS IS WITH NO TYPE OF WARRNTY OR EXCHANGE OFFERED ONCE THEY’RE INSTALLED. I have to say for some reason roller lifters seem to run small compared to an OEM lifter for instance a GM hyd flat tappet lifter measures . They have the Fritz Acoustic Reality Series Crossover. The patent dates from the 80's and belongs to Ed Morels uncle. Each 1/2 turn of the rocker bolt is ~. A vendor on e-Bay sell Eaton lifters for $110. Morels are the best on the market--they make dozens of different valving and part numbers all of which require certain oil viscosity Call Morel--they have very specific detailed info on oil weight per part number and PRELOAD--it is critical you follow the directions they give on preload--to the letter---spring pressure in excess is a demon and screws it all up--I build 3-4 engines per week--I know --Call them --get advice --follow to the letter--and you will have no issues-- Johnsons are the I've used Morel lifters for 9 years now pretty much exclusively, SBC, BBC, Olds, Pontiac, W motors, SBFW, never had any failures. They weigh 314 grams. Hydraulic lifters offer serious racers an excellent blend of street-ability and performance. These Feature A Solid Bushing Design That Eliminates The Needle Bearings. Morel's "Racer Series" solid roller lifters are reasonably priced and offer exceptional durability and performance for engines with an operating range of over 7000+ RPM. That is good information. Add to Severe Duty Roller Lifters BBC & Big Chief intake offset . 2. very very good lifter. Morel's proprietary hydraulic valving is designed for sustained high rpm levels commonly seen in performance applications. Roller: UltraMax Lifters, Chev BB, +180 Offset Intake Seats: Check for Availability Skip White Performance provides many high performance racing and engine products such as, stroker engines, turn-key engines, cylinder heads and pistons I am in the middle of my motor build and this thread has really got me thinking. A primary supplier with top tier manufacturing capabilities, the 90 year old company functions seamlessly within the high stress, low tolerance OEM environment where quality control inspections are mandatory and frequent. He has never had a failure. 903d t/b street perf hyd roller 304-401 cu in v-8 buick 350 cu in hydraulic roller lifters 17-5386-16 0. They are also a direct fit you will just have to measure pushrod length to get the right preload. Yeah, when I had the engine rebuilt two years ago, they installed Morel lifters Hyd. 7,4. I,m attempting to adjust the valve lash with my new HS roller rockers and Morel roller lifters . Otherwise very good and Drag Week proven on the drives. They have less range adjustment so preload is more difficult to setup. Roller lifters with the link bar which allows the lands on the lifter to be lower on the lifter body to maintain the correct distance to the center of the oil gallery. 842dia, . 3, 5. Most quality lifter manufacturers publish this spec. 090 inch of lift per 100 hp. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators 1 PAIR OF MOREL MAXIMO ULTRA SPEAKERS TWEETER TESTED GOOD GUARANTEED #30. 842"Dia. 0/6. . The nose wheel is machined from 8620 material and case hardened for durability. Many engine builders desire this design to maintain the stock style lifter guide and eliminate the need for a "Link-Bar" lifter. 8425 and the middle of the spec on a GM lifter bores is . I told them what I wanted and they installed them when they freshen Hydraulic lifters use what is called lifter preload, which compresses the small piston inside the lifter a given distance. For valvetrain stability, these lifters require more valve spring pressure to allow them to operate at higher rpm's without valve float. CHEVY BB HYDRAULIC ROLLER LIFTERS 4603. They have gotten away from staked axle design. I just wanted a VVT capable lifter that I can switch out. Enter the code in the box below: Continue. max wedge. 395 lobe lift). I am using a E7TE factory 351w roller block. The lifters have the fasteners, tie bars, axle clip, axle, needles, and wheel removed. MOREL LIFTERS!!!! SBC . 075"-0. 2661 not . 842 0. Hydraulic lifters must have oil in them before setting the preload. He suggested their #91161 lifter set which are made by Gaterman. 629/. 085", I can still get a very faint lifter tick using aftermarket valve springs. I've seen people destroy a Jesel within 5 runs and the same on Morel. So looking around, Morel for small blocks are flat tappets 270/set, hyd roller 223/set, and solid roller are 384/set. An essential part of Johnson Lifter’s quality control program is identifying and solving common lifter issues. I am not saying it couldn't be the lifter, but just would like to hear what you find after further inspection. . The parts are measured to make sure they can be rebuilt. Morel hyd. It is a scratch built and designed lifter for the HD not a reworked Chevy with Ford components. Nostalgia Series. 5:1 CR, skinny-piston rings, a good oil pan and evacuation pump, etc. The lifter set is inspected to insure that the parts match up with the part number and description. . Overall I think Morel builds a good product. 903"? there has been discussion about lifter diameters here I am not sure if . I noticed the few that are acting up are just flooding the heads with oil like a full stream of oil. 00 plus shipping. The old solid rollers were quieter. We had a chance to review some of the premium solid roller lifters from COMP, Lunati, and Isky, and although each has Morel 5206 Pro Series Link Bar Hydraulic Roller Lifters featuring . 875" Diameter 0. 00 ) 0 $ 1000hp Turbo LS Short block quantity The lifters are also totally rebuildable so they will have a long life cycle. It might save someone else from the same fate. Pre-oiling the engine before startup will also fill up the lifters, but there’s one big caution. 2 “Pre-soaking” hydraulic lifters in a bath of engine oil is a good idea, but is not mandatory. 936 bushed and they have been amazing. 5. 160, although I might be able to make this work. Add to Cart Morel Solid Roller Link Bar Lifters . 8412 and I have not measured the block yet and the middle spec is . 842 and even . 050 of lifter preload. 200 travel. It's grown into a 100,000 sq ft plant containing over 100 pieces of specialty equipment including in-house heat treatment and a full Metallurgical lab. Morel makes the Lunati lifters and they require shallow preload as well. MOREL DROP IN LIFTERS FOR LS ENGINES - MM7717 $209. 700: SBC . Yes, and they have a seat height of . Most short travel lifters are around. 0017"-. Founded in 2002, Gaterman Products LLC has over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of high performance hydraulic roller lifters for automotive, marine, and motorcycle applications. 0, 6. Also, I have a full set of CAM FX 1" lifters, new, that may be available. Very good engine, but it has lost 1 rod and minor block repair. 0 $249. 0015 to . Johnson ST2126LSR Short Travel Slow Leak Down Race-Style Lifters With Axle Oiling for All LS Engines $ 770. I have a set of Tie Bar. We have many customers with the Comp lifters and quite setups but we have had requests for the Morel liters so we now have them in stock with the correct pushrods for Iron or Aluminum heads. For high rpm lifter nothing heavier than 5w30. I tried pricey Morel 5206/ 5274 link bar lifters when they were the craze, and after chasing all kinds of oiling issues and valvetrain noises it turned out those were the cause. Dart 331/347/363 Long Blocks; Dart 408/427 Long Blocks; Cranks. 3 NOW GM spec on lifter to bore clearance for a hyd roller lifter to function properly is . Morel Lifters are designed to survive in the harsh environments of performance LS engines with proven durability. Enormous Selection of Stud, Shaft, and Pedestal Mount Rockers. 493 ,10:1, Trick Flow 270 ,Indy plane d. Made in USA. Roller lifters are only to be used with roller cams. It's typical. $204. limit for over the nose pressure. So if you choose to run a 2116 I would measure and order pushrods. You're lucky,. Premier Ads Get Listed Here - Only $20 $13. 8 5. In Stock, Ships Fast! lifters We have been using MOREL TF lifters on our A/Fuel TAD: zero problem. Mechanical Roller Lifters at Competition Products! Power Products, Howards Cams, Comp Cams, Isky Cams, Crower With 25 years of experience in the Performance Industry Straub Technologies has built relationships with many of the top companies. We run the largest pushrods we are able to fit. Morel GM LS Bushing Style Solid Roller Lifters 6177 6177 $954. As they say "that's racing". Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Morel Tie / Link Bar Lifters Holden Commodore Ls1 Ls2 L98 Ls3 V8 VT VX VY VZ Ve at the best online prices at eBay! Straub Tech introduces its LS Valve Train Refresh Kit. These are 100% NEW GM/DELPHI Lifters. Enter the code in the box below: Continue. 7, 6. Must be nice not to vvt truck and a single bolt cam,. 300 Tall, . $954. Feb 9, 2018 #28 This type of cam and lifter combination is the most durable setup with the lowest level of maintenance. Blower Cam, Morel Lifters, Comp Trunion Upgrade, Roto-Fab CAI, Kooks 1 7/8 Mids, Solo Mach Shorty Exhaust w/ 3. I know you were not but you radically altered the design parameters of the engine. In particular, hydraulic valve lifters have long suffered the notion that they are no good for performance use, but that is far from accurate. HYDRAULIC ROLLER LIFTERS : Tappet, lifter, flat tappet, flat lifter, hydraulic tappet, hydraulic lifter, solid tappet, solid lifter, mechanical lifter, roller lifter. My current ride has full exhaust extractors to tip and intake. 3. Premium Lifters for short track oval racing, Bracket racing, and street use In 2011 Trend introduced a new series of uncoated tool steel solid flat tappets for engines using cast iron camshafts. They'll run just fine. I am still on stock lifters and have run stock lifters into the 1000 hp range on other builds. I called Howards and spoke with one of their tech guys who told me that those are rebranded Morel 5373's and that they have had lots of issues with them. Featured Products. Tags: Morel LS Black Mamba Solid Roller Lifters 6483 . 750 wheel works with even the most aggressive hydraulic profiles • Each lifter is individually pressure tested to LS7 Lifters, Set of 16 Plus 4 new Guide Trays Hydraulic Roller Lifters, set of 16 Commonly used in 4. 842 Tie Bar Style. 092 in the body and another . 903 0. When assembling an engine it’s always a good idea to soak the lifters in oil for at least 24 hours to fill up the cavity. I am going for piece of mind and replacing valvetrain specific stuff that still enables me to keep the VVT. Full custom builds, no mass produced engines. Morel Steel bodied lifters built to tight clearances. lifters have the edge orifice oiling, some don't. from Morel amarketing blurb. MIKE from GA | 8/30/2020 Morel BBC . 8 and 1. deal for 5k It looks like a good deal, what do you guys think of the package as whole? Ive heard mixed things about morel t-bar lifters. 0L filter 221-302 / 351W (1) Apply 221-302 / 351W filter 221-302, 351W (2) Apply 221-302, 351W filter 221-302, 351W, 351C, 351M, 400 (1) Apply 221-302, 351W, 351C, 351M, 400 filter using hydraulic roller lifters • Good for over 7000 rpm with compatible valve train • Machined from tool steel • Centerless ground to . Hydraulic lifters have been the choice of the automotive industry for many years for several good reasons. $ 899. Ok well I would get a new set of lifters then, I really thought Morels were a good lifter. 700 wheel Vertical T/B STREER PERF HYD ROLLER Factory lifters are capable of 200,000 mile durability. 700. Please complete the captcha Shorts Blocks. Fits all GM LSx Engines, including LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7. 5 Great quality . Crower reportedly turns 80% of their lifters away. 0,5. 638 lift. 842" body, . Roller lifters require aftermarket valley pan Morel GM LS Bushing Style Solid Roller Lifters 6177. Morel lifters use stock OEM lifter guides and are capable of cam lifts up to . These parts are My conclusion on the Morel Lifters is that they are a Good Quality Lifter at a Good price, but they don't like a lot of lash, and are a bit noisy until they are warmed up and then they get quiet LOL. These are made by Morel. 5 turns on stock lifters). Tie-Bar) Part # PBMRL901 Out of Stock To the best of my knowledge Johnson and Morel at the ONLY ones making good lifters. The Comp Elite looks Excellent, but only offered in +. And their smooth and quiet operation mean you can easily transition from the strip or track to the street. I have a set of iskys that measure . Superior high performance LS & Gen 5 LT camshafts for GM cars and trucks equipped with LS1, LS2, LS3, L99 & new LT engines. 841 and with an . So I don,t know where zero lash is at and I don,t like that some lifters springs act differently that others. . Roller Lifters (305, 350 from 1987-2001). 5/16 . yet. The important thing is they QC every lifter when it comes to leak down. When I called Isky to ask if their retro hydraulic roller lifters were made by Morel (they are), the tech guy stated that the *HIGHEST* recommended open spring pressure was around 400 psi for Marine applications and typically 340 - 360 for street applications, the limiting factor was supposedly non-pressure fed needle bearings for the Morel HR Morel Jr Edward J: Valve lifter US5178107A (en) * 1991-11-21: 1993-01-12: Morel Jr Edward J: Valve lifter US5307778A (en) * 1992-08-22: 1994-05-03: Robert Bosch Gmbh: Fuel injection pump for internal combustion engines US5361733A (en) * 1993-01-28: 1994-11-08: General Motors Corporation: Compact valve lifters Types of Camshafts and Lifters. 0L engine. 120 wall push rods. 903 Total Pro Bushed Solid Roller Lifters. PBM Performance Products is well known among professional engine builders and machine shops as a supplier of premium quality hardcore performance engine components and related products. Use a good oil and dont fix what isnt broken. When installing a new cam it a good idea to replace the lifter and lifter guides to prevent any premature failure. There is a through hole of . I have morel 5206 link bar lifters in my engine, there is no way I would trust ls7s in my motor but then again it is a 421 ci lq9 that is max effort build but still. 0028 Morel Drop-In Hydraulic Roller Lifters, sold in a set of 16. The lifter body is fully machined from alloy steel bar stock, not a casting like OEM lifters. by Kevin Gray and Jim Smith, C. 1/2 to 1. They also make them for alot of other companies, Like Crane. In addition the OEM rocker is great for aftermarket cam profiles as long as the rockers have had a trunnion upgrade. . I have been running hydro lifters for 12 years from crane. Others work better with a heavy pre-load because oil volume is reduced under the plunger, which increases stiffness. . Morel Hydraulic Roller Lifter Adjustment Procedure. 99. 00. We disassembled all 16 and cleaned the internal They are fine. Add to Cart Compare. 166") travel. Reviews. You can use your stock push rods and the tick is eliminated. The complaints I heard of were . 920 wheel, so ensure the cam is ground for the correct wheel. HP-F are doing this Higgins heads, cam, morel t-bar lifter etc. 060" for the lifter to perform properly. 7, 6. " I personally have had bad luck with the ls7's which is what you get as replacements from gm these days. Add to Cart Please login to add to Quote. Low maintenance. I'm hoping the extra rpm along with some other tweaks will get me into the high 7s this year. 675” maximum recommended lift. When dealing with full travel lifters, certain engines respond better to a light pre-load because it recovers more quickly from any bad harmonics in the valve train. 100 per 100 hp number. Selling a complete set of USED Morel 5436 Ultra Pro Solid Roller Lifters. Condition is New. 00 Delphi GM LS7 Lifters & Lifter Guides 25341990K1 These GM stock replacement lifters are manufactured by Delphi. If you can’t find a spec on your lifter an easy way to find out is to place a dial indicator on the pushrod end of the rocker arm with cam lobe on its base circle. S. 7 rockers (. Okay so when I had my motor freshened up I decided to have the shop I use add a set of Morel Link Bar Lifters to replace the Stock style Roller lifters and Spider I was running, and yes my block is a factory roller cam 351 block. This will help you build muscle size and strength. For flat tappet lifters – hydraulic or solid – the break-in period is absolutely critical. Engine oil pressure should "pump" them up. John Partridge from Bullet Racing Cams explains why the Black Mamba is a lifter racers should look at to use in their engine. morel hyd roller lifter With 25 years of experience in the Performance Industry Straub Technologies has built relationships with many of the top companies. Morel 6504 Lifters, LS Drop In, No Tie Bar, Hydraulic I have currently a ls7 lifter set in the motor and the some lifters are giving me problems. Morel (the business is actually under another name) is a customer of mine. These can also have valve float in higher rpm applications such as 6,000 rpms or more. - +. i had sent them a morel as a sample 3 years ago. I use a bunch of the 5374, and other than a little tick when cold, no issues. These are reboxed from Bulk and sold as a set of 16. 99. 2" Longblocks. 700 amc . Why because Morel told people not to restrict the oil passages that the lifter needed OEM oil flow. Set# Pair# BodyD RollD Description Avail; 5315: 5314: 0. Good lifters. This is how much lifter preload you have. Kit includes (16) 25341990 Lifters and (4) 55365-4 Gen IV Guide Trays An essential part of Johnson Lifters quality control program is identifying and solving common lifter issues. Will accept higher seat and open load spring pressures so that damping of the lifter at high rpm can happen without collapsing the plunger assembly. Morels are a very top flight lifter, the best in the world according to a whole lotta folks. I have successfully mated these speakers to a small B&W subwoofer with very good results, such as a more spacious soundstage, and solid and deep bass down to 25Hz. However, if one checks the diameter of each lifter, many times the diameter of the lifters varies, and is in fact out of spec. More aggressive cam designs and valve spring pressures may “amplify” the problems. Stock factory preload specs are generally ¾ to 1 full turn of preload, which moves the small piston in the lifter roughly 0. " What a big amount of hogwash! Sounds good, but I haven't heard of ANYONE using these in a powerstroke. i think they did a nice job. I have heard that Morel makes lifters for a lot of Cam Companies and in fact the Crane Ultra pro looks very similar to Morels. 842d t/b street perf hyd roller 350 cu in v-8 Performance: Tuned By Me Using HP Tuners, TMS Forged 402, Ported LSA Supercharger 2. Lifters work best when the plunger is up near the top of it’s travel, but you have to have the right valving inside to allow them to do that. Dart 331/347/363 Short Blocks; Dart 408/427 Short Blocks; Long Blocks. 875 lifter bodies have good sizing. Buttoning up a recent budget small-block Chevy engine build, we tried a set of used hydraulic roller lifters that appeared to be in good shape. 99 T4719 BBF 429-460 SOLID ROLLER LIFTERS. 092 hole intersecting this in the pushrod socket, and the oil pours out of there. 5, AIS Dual Nozzle Water/Methanol Kit, Super Chiller, ID850 Injectors, Rick C. m. 903" could be a problem. They make good parts, and I use them quite a bit. They have been good for what I do with the car. RangerJoe I leave the horn on while driving. The manufacturer is Morel and Jessel was involved in the design. Crower's high performance camshafts, crankshafts, connecting rods, roller lifters, rocker arms, valve train components and large variety of aftermarket engine parts for international and domestic automobiles, diesels, boats, tractors, motorcycles, and trucks. ) Apply a light coating of gasket sealer to intake gaskets around intake ports, and a bead of silicone around water ports, and position on heads. When compared to a mechanical lifter, the hydraulics are: AdvertisementClick Here to Read MoreAdvertisement 1. Drop in roller lifters - no modifications to block required. In We have been using the Morel lifters for years with zero problems. Paul morel or doug herbert Have thought about comp then read some good stuff about morel lifters. 3 lifters; Morel, a performance manufacture of lifters that has been well established in the industry since 1992. FORD and MOPAR KITS Available . note:bb chevy uses thin gaskets on standard port location heads and thick 1/8 gaskets on raised runner heads These lifters are an excellent upgrade for engines originally equipped with Hyd. Now I think if anyone, Morel would be the only North American manufacturer of flat tappets. The only downfall is the lifter bars are riveted and you have to buy lifters in pairs you can’t buy individual lifters See the video below. These are a shim valved lifter like the ZZP and LS7 lifters. Works good . I think it is the "new" normal. 3. This engine will be all new including New Titanium rods yes real Titanium rods. I am probably going to go with "upgraded lifters" Here are some that I found Morel lifters - $198 Morel 6393 Hyd Roller Lifters - Straub Technologies "oem Quality" lifters $196 Ford Power Stroke 6. Dart 331/347/363 Long Blocks; Dart 408/427 Long Blocks; Induction. It suddenly developed a few symptoms, started as a lifter tick and turned into a loud squeal. There are no reviews yet. 0003” +/-. 1. On these sites you will see that Morel makes 4 types of hydraulic roller lifters. They make lifters for every manufacturer except OEM and Comp Cams. Dart 331/347/363 Short Blocks; Dart 408/427 Short Blocks; Long Blocks. 5 all around, tuned by Speed inc. $999. Tie bars having a harder steel than the rivets. Good . The morels are superior in every way to the ls7s. Ford Performance Hydraulic Lifters Ford Performance's M-6500-R302H Hydraulic Roller Lifters feature the same high quality as the pieces that Ford used as original equipment in the 1985-1995 Fox Body and SN95 Mustang 5. 003 which Morel 6504 LS Drop-In Hydraulic Roller Lifter Set 25341990 LS1 LS2 LS3 LS6 LS7. Morel part #5456 is same as dougs. Whether you have a Silverado or Sierra pickup truck that needs a little extra towing power, a Camaro or Corvette that needs a rowdy idle and quicker elapsed times, or a simple LS or LT swapped cruiser that's used for ice cream runs and burnouts, BTR's camshaft kits have what you need! LS High Performance Solid Roller Lifters. new engine pro performance roller valve lifters part # bodyd rolld description amc 304-401 cu in hydraulic roller lifters 17-6076-16 0. They have Morel drivers and the finish, as with all Fritz speakers, is impeccable. Morel tie bar lifters Stainless valves Double valve springs Chromoly pushrods OTR Pacemaker 4 into 1 Headers, 3" hi flow cats and 3" stainless cat back With testing and tune is making 440hp at the treads. Read the full article → 2. Brian Tooley Racing cam kits are the ultimate compliment to your LS or LT powered vehicle. Free shipping. This preload compensates for growth so no lash is necessary. ) They look identical to the Morel ones except the bar is etched with "Lunati" on it. 49 kib) 201 Crower roller lifters are one of our core products. Solid roller lifters are definitely not an item you'd want to cut corners on. Lifters are cylindrical in shape and fit into a lifter bore within the lifter valley in the engine block. The link bar setup is a huge improvment over the stock setup but I believe the Lunati lifter is a better product. we want STIFF in this program and they deliver. 300 Seat height (Seat has been raised improve geometry and create push rod clearance in the lifter bore) (Set of 16) The pushrod seats are . 844 lifter bore thats . The 5315 will retain the factory lifter guides and hold down spring and can be installed without cylinder head removal. 842: 0. Whether you want to make 500hp or 2000hp, we can get a package together to meet your goals. After only 100miles on the motor. I run them and they are noisy for about a minute. The part number is Hert4845 for $460. This engine is a really good engine, that we never had engine issues with, only outside issues that effected the engine. $419. $399. John Callies and Morel are committed to producing the best in high performance lifters and performance parts in the aftermarket industry. 00 Set of 8 Pairs Morel “Racer Series” Ford Small Block Windsor Mechanical Roller Lifter with Needle Bearings offers great quality with an affordable price. I thought I was having a oil pressure problem but it seems to be oil pressure loss threw the lifters. 145 wall chrome moly $10. They are not the real thing! We have found a reputable supplier of 6. Lunati is well known the world over for high quality engine components and they pulled the wraps off of their new roller lifters from their Black Mamba line. AFR Cylinder Heads For a beginner's workout to be effective, the full-body program should incorporate high-volume training, increased intensity, and workout splits to achieve significant muscular gains, also known as hypertrophy. 844 which is . Street Performance: The Street Performance hydraulic lifters are made from a cold formed body with a clipped axle and have a 6500 rpm capability. Our ability to source, design, and sell products to satisfy your performance needs of $100M a year industry giant or a racer with $10 to spend has built our reputation as the go to source in the performance industry. 5/9. The Morel 5206 lifters do not require initial calibration or constant adjustment, simplifying installation and reducing maintenance time. 300 - on center - . The cam I decided to go with was a 206/206 roller. LS CAMSHAFT, LIFTER AND SPRING KITS. Able to adjust for thermal expansion of the engine. Ken at Motorsports Unlimited sells the Morel and rebuilds them. Good to know the Isky EZ roll . Lifter Manufacturer. They design the first successful non needle lifters then and they were run in the Buick Indy engines. 842 Diameter With Load Carrying Capacity Of Our 1. Morel and melling both make good ones. ONLY USE GMPP 12499225 OR MOREL 5315. Good to know there are honest companies to do business with. The builder I use only runs Morel or Crower. Morel makes a lot of the lifters for other manufacturers, including Howards. 8, 5. I bought a set of the Morel bushed SR lifters to run with my Bullet Custom SR cam and Crower SS Shaft Rockers. $69. Morel 5372 steps up to an entry level link bar lifter set. Product Code: 4713 Rating: Bad Good. . Do not get them from Ebay or Amazon! People sell knockoffs prone to failure branded as those part numbers. anybody wanting to trt a set is $280. 8, 5. This ensures the quality. Product Excerpt: Morel lifters are unlike any lifters you've ever seen before. If a lifter body is cracked, we replace it and charge additional for the new body. I wound up with $400 somethin dollar ones from morel/lunati. . 99 I just installed a new set of Morel 5372 hydraulic roller lifters in my SBC. Be sure to soak them in oil overnight before you install them, work oil into the rollers really well, and prime the oil system before you start the motor. P. Morel seems to supply most? I built a BB Mopar a few years ago , used Lunati HYD roller lifters and cam . Here's what I have learned, Max safe rpm is 5,800 rpms. In my past builds, even with perfect preload on the LS7 Lifters, 0. I did find an older article about Gaterman roller lifters see below. - (Vert. 060" preload. . Manton Pushrods the unsung hero that connects all the chaos together. Morel entered the racing lifters market in 1992. Lunati Power HELP™ 662-892-1500 Straub Tech introduces its LS Valve Train Refresh Kit. I am going to keep the VVT. Another example is that one can purchase 16 lifters for their engine. The . 49. 050″ larger than stock roller wheels. Soak the lifters in oil and or spin the motor over with no pushrods to fill them up. 7 6. He runs them for a season and changes them out for new. Schedule an Appointment. Cams are a bit more usually. Each lifter has individual leak down testing performed on each hydraulic unit. 4, and 7. . 4/7. If so . As Mike noted, a . If I wasn't going to go with link bars, I would use the BTR SLR lifters. $15. p. rollers. 00. 003 clearance. ) The 5372 is a good lifter but designed for . Morel “Racer Series” Big Block Chevy Mechanical Roller Lifter with Needle Bearings offers great quality with an affordable price. They worked very good in my engine for a long time, but I also believe there is a metallurgical compatibility issue between the rivet and the tie bar. 1. I have noticed that some morel lifters collapse very easily and some act solid (no movement at all) . Cam-in-block V8 engines use one cam and each bank of lifters sits at a 90-degree angle to the opposite side of the engine. Shorts Blocks. I also was gonna get the morel lifters but not for a stock cam, People report good luck with the tight fitting trays and Hylif Johnson kit tho,. Howards, Bushed Lifter, BB Chev 396-502, +. I will add this bit of history about the GM lifter situation: In 1997, GM introdiuced service replacement lifters for 1987-2013 GM engines, GM 12499225 (16) and GM 17122490 (8), AC Delco HL-124 lifters in different quantities and they have standard (0. morel lifters. 00 ) Johnson 2126LSR lifters ( $ 799. Through some very clever proprietary wizardry, Lunati has created a . Currently we use Morel Lifters 0. These are for a Small Block Ford 0. 903" OD +. very few people run solid rollers for a real street driven car. 3, 5. There are Howards/Morel? hydraulic rollers for AMC on ebay $416 shipped, they list measurements of . Inside diameter and outside diameter grinding tolerance is held to . Re: Solid roller lifters failing in Street motors - mystery solved! CAUTION - VERY Good article, blew my mind as I an working with a New 540 Big M block. From US-sourced steel to unique features like high-pressure pin oiling. There are four types of lifter designs and matching camshafts currently available for the big-block Chevy: flat-tappet in either mechanical (fixed length) and hydraulic (self-adjusting), and roller lifters that have a roller bearing that follows the contours of the cam lobe, also in either mechanical or hydraulic. However, within the realms of a typical street-performance engine you should still figure that your build needs something at or near that 0. Good results, especially for a family oriented Vee bottom. I'm using the Morel 5274 lifters, they are expensive but you get what you pay for. However, I've used quite a few pairs of Comps too and haven't had any issues out of them . U can get the exact same lifters through Doug Herbert over 200$ cheaper. Mine have a beautiful cherry finish. 903D . It does ensure Question: Morel Lifters and LS7 Lifters. Hot Rod Engine Tech posted in Engine Tech. 3 OEM Roller Lifters - Straub Technologies Hydraulic lifter preload is the distance the pushrod plunger is depressed below the retaining lock. 7/16 . Allegedly, the hardness and finish of the LS7 lifter became a problem a few years ago and has been blamed by some for the lifter twisting problems. Very good lifters. 050-inch. ) Remove all foreign material from manifold and clean with soap and water to remove all polishing compound. The lifters were then used in other applications but "Failed". I know a nascar runs solid lifters but if morel can make a lifter to stand that they can darn sure make a lifter for harley. Single plane intake 516 flattening from 5400-5600 is giving up probably 40 HP with a slightly larger cam duration wise that would peak 5800-6000 since you have the valvetrain to accomplish that. Designed for engines with a maximum RPM operating range of 7000+ *. . APS tuned it and I am getting 259 rwkw and 790nm of torque (nominal). He knows what he is looking for and buys all that he considers worth while. about six weeks ago topline johnson hylift came out with a nice hydraulic roller tappet made like the morel 5335. I just looked at Morel lifters with the the link bar, and Brian Tooley SLR lifters. To reduce this effect we offer a short travel/high rev hydraulic roller lifter for these high rpm applications. If you have AFM/DOD get a delete kit, and only use either GMPP 12499225 or Morel 5315 lifters. MOREL. The crower lifters are made by morel lifters and morel lifters make all the nascar lifters that can stand 500 miles at 9000 rpm oh I for got we are talking about a harley the most technical motor on the planet. And I'm only seeing one vendor selling them. One needs to check lifter bores and lifters to make sure you fall in the General clearance window. A bushing lifter will tell you when it's in failure mode. 842D STK REP POL HYD ROLL 87-93 5. Morel Motorsports has a long history with the original plant being started over 60 years ago by Ed Morel's uncle. We send them out for a rebuild at about 300 runs. Lifter Types. (-) Remove Lifters & Accessories filter Lifters & Accessories (-) Remove Hydraulic Roller filter Hydraulic Roller Hydraulic Roller OE Style Performance Lifters; Chevy 305-350 / Gen III (LS-Series) Howards Cams 91113 Morel SBF Windsor . 9 Jesel Rockers with 022 and 024 valve lash. I used these when I deleted the active fuel management from my 07 Yukon. Freaked me out for a bit but after about 5k miles they are fine. 0 GM LS Applications These will also work in SBC and LT1 applications that originally came with hydraulic roller lifters. They appear similar to LS7 lifters with a little better finish and QC. that was the exact cam i wanted but went back to stock after all the hassle required. 5 YEARS of service is absolutely outstanding!! T & D Machine Products for their steel rockers with bushing pivots and spring oilers also 5 years of ridiculous abuse. 750″ diameter roller wheel results increased durability and decreased pressure angle. and they are rebuildable vie Motorsports Unlimited. › See more product details Our Roller Lifter Story. I think the issue is people not priming them properly. Low maintenance. 99. The seem to be to the GM size as we have seen others that seem to be a thou smaller and in a GM lifter bore you will end up with . The 8 Best Exercises for Beginner Lifters These are the greatest moves for gym newbies, plus an expert-approved routine to jump-start your gains. 89. I was highly impressed with the quality of them. 2. Throughout that time we've had the pleasure of building many different combinations when it comes to roller camshafts. Shipped Randy hit the nail on the head. 4. 020"-. Look at a stock Mustang 5. He uses SBC roller blocks and buys all that come up. Just as important as rod and main bearing clearances. This is how the lifter gets oil so it can function. A comp lifter is so so. Lifters No Lifters Morel LS7 lifters Morel Short Travel Link Bar lifters ( $ 399. They are also able to handle some more spring pressure. 000 Lifter Good. 0015 Now take a roller lifter you will see it will most likely measure . 5 that lowers the oil hole 0. #5315 & #6504 was superseded by part number 7717 on 3/10/21. I wouldn't go modifying the lifter. It is definitely a way out of this conundrum. Now the street series lifters have live axles and are retained with lock wire. the 5315 Morel is the only encapsulated . 060 more or less while a GM LS7 lifter commonly used has. Besides $1000+ lifters there really isn't anything else better than Morels out there. This will limit the applications that this lifter is safe working in. morel lifters? Lifters If one has a single roller an one has double roller , double goes on exhaust Post by: rogue335 , Apr 17, 2012 in forum: PSI Superchargers Tech Questions . The only difference is your "R" lifters have the light weight , ceramic check ball in them. His customer demanded Isky in that engine, now he only uses Jesel, Morel, or Crower. Do you guys think these are the good Morel What lifters should I use and will pushrod length stay the same? Also what about the trunion upgrade? 06 AWD: FLT level 5, LT1Z cam, TEA stage 2 heads, Fast Lsxrt, Circle D 3600, Kooks , catless true duals, Morel 5315's, Fast 46#, Ls7 MAF, Ls7 TB, efans, 4" FWI, 160 thermo, MSD wires, R1 slotted rotors, belltech 31. If the valvetrain goes out of control a swedged axle can walk out of the body. no failures. 331 stroker, 347 stroker, 363 stroker, 408 stroker ***Update: Our HYD Roller Longblocks now come with USA-Made Johnson Lifters**** ZSR Dart-Based 8. 3000. View attachment 883858 The Howard’s lifters are most likely the same as the standard Morel hydraulic roller lifter. Morel does a Comp , morel, Howard's ( which may be just be morel) Trick Flow ( which may be Howard's which may be morel) or Gaterman . 0, 6. I bought the whole kit from Full throttle speed and Style. Dont over think things. 842 Jesels, but need a centered Ex lifter, Jesel does not offer these in. 180 wall The Jesel is the best lifter, the Morel is excellent also and if your valvetrain is in order it will serve you quite well. I'm running 1. Good up to 6500 rpm. Roller lifters had been around for years, being used in various applications such as radial aircraft engines, but when a few progressive engine builders started adapting them to race engines, horsepower and rpm made a huge leap forward. Need help finding what you are looking for? Contact Us. Morel 5315 Drop-In Hydraulic Roller Lifters, sold in a set of 16. Supposedly Made in america and good quality. 875″ OD Solid Roller Lifters 4713 $ 413. The tie bars, showing almost no wear at all simply “sawed” through the rivets over time. Morel part number 6504 is manufactured as the "Drop-In" design lifter for your LS engine. downloaded the image to messenger_lite (22. Cylinder heads are done in-house; not "shelf" items. 500 runs sounds like a lot, how many runs are others putting on needle bearing lifters? I also have heard good things about BAM. The Morel lifters are slightly taller and the piston in the lifter body sits slightly higher so I had to get shorter push rods. Quieter. It's hard to say how hard your making contact with the rocker and adjuster since this is two hard metals. 89. 99. Some Morel hyd. As predicted the cam is a bit small. Redesigned valving that prevents pump up during higher engine speed. One guy went rounds with Isky and it took 3 sets to sort through to get 16 lifter bodies that were acceptable. Able to adjust for thermal expansion of the engine. OE-R lifters are preloaded and have to be installed between 3/8 and 3/4 turn (vs. Ideal for engines turning in excess of 7,000rpm with higher valve spring pressures, these tappets easily surpass the performance of their iron Revolution X Roller Camshaft Kit w/ Morel Lifters We've spend over 25 years in the Turbo Buick community. They measure 15H x 8W x 12D and weigh in at a solid 24 pounds each. Any chance you can weigh each pair or any combo of to see if there is a big weight difference and curious to know how wight compares to flat hydraulic I have those to weigh. Their regular drop in hyd roller lifters are about 700. 99 + $4. The nose wheel is machined from 8620 material and case hardened for durability. . Catapiller truck engines suffer from rotating lifters also and they are built for hundreds of thousands of miles. 0018" range and don't use anything heavier than 10w40 oil. Well, the good news is always hoped for in these types of situations, and thankfully, Juan Morel was pleased to finally locate his daughter after nearly a month. 5 Morel LS7 Lifters 12499225 , Set of 16 Fits 4. Price: $399. 904 lifter typically has a . Some of us run Morel/Lunati because of the issues seen with the LS7 lifters. Cam will be a custom grind from Comp, . Each lifter is engineered to deliver top performance and durability by using state-of- the-art CAD design modeling and CNC manufacturing techniques. Morel 5315 lifters are a direct fit, drop-in replacement lifter and is considered a higher quality lifter than the OEM or LS7 lifter. And I'm only seeing one vendor selling them. Considered as a built in shock absorber, eases […] However thanks to blykins and his generous measurements of the Morel lifter I think that will work as the distance from the Comp Cams lifter wheel to top of the oil notch is 1. Quick run down on engine. get a good set of morel hydraulic roller lifters ( some lunati and howards rollers are made by morel). Since I spent all that money just to avoid very occasional valve float (but not very nice when it happens even once on a blower motor!), I couldn't resist and changed my lower pulley to add another pound of boost. Re: Oiling problems with Morel lifters? Lem Evans February 27th 2017, 9:54 pm Let's move the lifter subject to 385 Ford lifter oiling 'challenges' rather than 'problems' in order not to offend any lifter mfr. I found some lifters from Doug Herbert parts that is supposed to be Morel. With too little preload, the valve train will be noisy and the retaining lock may fail (break or pop out) due to excessive hydraulic force against the retainer. Never had an issue with stockers, that's why I'd keep them. Because of parts availability, we called Shairoff motors and got the block from him, guy must have horded them all . Very good lifters, no ticking noise Yes. These Feature A Solid Bushing Design That Eliminates The Needle Bearings. Just so we’re clear, these are the lifters I’ve had at 6500rpm on the dyno and the ones I’m referring to in this thread. He posted a photo of him and Destiny, along with a message explaining how thankful he was to have her back… If I ever have to change my lifters, I will switch over to the Morel Linkbar LS7 replacement lifters. This is a good street performance solid roller lifter for LS engines. $394. 815 wheel, whereas a 1" lifter will have a . I was going to reuse these, but right now Morel is out about 2 months on I have a good friend that is a serious drag racer. 0003 Tolerance • Precision oil control ensures minimal bleed down • Larger . DELPHI LS7 HYDRAULIC ROLLER LIFTERS - LIKE 12499225 Good Morning Guys, I have a problem with my 2 seasons old Bullet Cams / Morel lifter. The kit came with a Comp Cam and Morel lifters and had everything needed to install it in the engine and I mean everything: push rods, retainers, beehive springs, and cam button. I should point out that if the geometry is spot on, the bores look good, and the lifter-to-bore clearance is good, then all the bores require is a quick touch with a lifter-honing tool. 0 or Explorer 5. Preload should be between . sounds good. As far as "service life" that's an impossible question to answer. 7717 no longer has a polished body but has upgraded internals. Lifters can be sent in for inspection and rebuild but it's time consuming. how good are morel lifters